There's Just Somethin' About a Tic Tac !

A unique perspective of inanimate objects becoming animated.

Inspired by an adoration for Tic Tac’s, I created a concept showing that Tic Tac’s are awesome even when they aren’t being eaten! The idea was to introduce the Tic Tac in an interactive, kaleidoscope fashion, with a vision to produce high contrast, colorful, fun, commercially-based fine art by using the formal elements of shape, color and design. 

Narratively, I’m saying, 

“Wow! Tic Tac’s Rock!” 

My greatest challenge was getting the little creatures to cooperate once they were freed from captivity.  I had to catch them on the run.  After being given a reprieve from dodging teeth, they enjoyed their frolics and had fun as much fun as I did photographing them.  I have to say... It took some major sweet-talking to corral them back into their cramped spaces once the excitement was over.  I had to entice them back in with a future excursion!  

There's Just Somethin' About a Tic Tac !