Aluminum cans, lacquer,

Are your "Acceptable Quality Limits" ManualS UP TO DATE?

My last product commercial project was to capture defects on aluminum aerosol cans during the manufacturing process and put together a manual for the end user/operator and for their client to show the Classifications and Definitions  of their Acceptable Quality Limits.


Whether I am shooting jewelry, aluminum cans, a portrait of a weed that appears bereft of life or your individual brand, you can rely on me to deliver beautiful, perfectly-lit images every time on the highest quality paper and ink that you want to assume in your budget.

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'Small' or 'MASSIVE'... PDi gets the job done.

** Tensor Frame (Registered trademark *)

You would not know by looking at it, but this Tensor Frame weighed many tons.  It was shot in a very small space with a lot of the normal machine shop clutter nearby, which was reflected in the shiny metals.  Scrims and sheets to bounce light were the saving factors of this day for this particular product. 

* Turbine Support (Registered trademark *)

This product was MASSIVE.  Even on a step ladder, the photographer could not reach the top.  All of these images were shot outside in direct sunlight, as this was the only place large enough where this product could be placed in order to photograph it.  Various handmade and large scrims, in the form of translucent shower curtains, hung from items near by to try and block the direct sunlight from the highly reflective multi-faceted surfaces.