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My photographs have a mission: to capture the energy of inanimate objects by using light, shadows, diagonals, space, reflections, patterns, remarkable colors, edges, form and texture. 

My Experience

       I fell head over heels with the greatest invention ever conceived in 1994 after I was gifted with a Minolta X-370 film camera. 

       In 2007, I began to inhale and exhale the art of digital photography in Tampa, FL.  It was then that inanimate objects became my passion. I graduated with my Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Professional Photography in the fall of 2012. 

       My latest commercial project was to capture defects on aluminum aerosol cans during the manufacturing process and put together a manual for the end user/operator and for their client to show the Classifications and Definitions  of their Acceptable Quality Limits.

       My current project is capturing the defects of molded caps, but whether I am shooting aluminum cans or caps, a portrait of a weed that appears bereft of life or your individual brand, you can rely on me to deliver beautiful, perfectly-lit images every time on the highest quality paper and ink that you want to assume in your budget.

Delight and Honor In My Work

      I am comfortable with many photography genres. The photograph style and genre may differ from assignment to assignment, but my commitment to quality and craft is unwavering. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.



Tic Tac’s Do Tok !

A unique perspective of inanimate objects becoming animated.

Inspired by an adoration for Tic Tac’s, I created a concept showing that Tic Tac’s are awesome even when they aren’t being eaten! The idea was to introduce the Tic Tac in an interactive, kaleidoscope fashion, with a vision to produce high contrast, colorful, fun, commercially-based fine art by using the formal elements of shape, color and design. 

Narratively, I’m saying, 

“Wow! Tic Tac’s Rock!” 

My greatest challenge was getting the little creatures to cooperate once they were freed from captivity.  I had to catch them on the run.  After being given a reprieve from dodging teeth, they enjoyed their frolics and had fun as much fun as I did photographing them.  I have to say... It took some major sweet-talking to corral them back into their cramped spaces once the excitement was over.  I had to entice them back in with a future excursion!  "Coming in the Spring of 2018!"

There's Just Somethin' About a Tic Tac ! 

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Quality is the best business plan. ~John Lasseter

C. "Pink" Schingen DBA PinkDane iMages

Located at our country estate, outside of Mount Jackson, Va.

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In Honor of my niece, Macie "Moon" Pietrowicz (1991-2016)

Macie's artistry accurately and conceptually connects the past with the present in the life of the abused.   It represents her Banner and reflects her experiences of child abuse and the effects it has on all women who have been abused and how they understand life.   


Through Macie's photographic art, she has become a voice for the voiceless. Her goal, to stop the silence, to bring abuse to light, to never keep it hidden, and to help the abused to liberate themselves of the prison they found themselves in after abuse. She wanted them to realize that it was okay to tell their story, that it wasn’t their fault and that the feelings they feel during & afterwards is not a reflection of them as an individual.   She wanted to bring awareness of the consequences of abuse and conveyed a meaningful connection between the abused’ experience, how it affects their psyche and how they view themselves and their relations to others.

Her great hope was to help abused women to escape a lifetime of shame, mental isolation, confusion and silence.   She hoped that if they could just look deep enough into themselves and realize that the abuser does not make them who they are, if they reveal the abuser for who he really is…   She says to those women that it is okay to bring the darkness to light…  C. Pink Schingen (Macie's Aunt Cow Cow)

"The issue of child sexual abuse needs to be addressed head on!" ~Macie Moon

"Life is urgent because it is temporary." ~Macie Moon

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